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2020 Term dates

"I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn" -- Albert Einstein

Home Learning during school closure

Clarke Junior International School presents Crested Learning, remote learning from our own teachers using tools that ensure quality learning continues at home. If you would like to be a part of this, please complete this form.

Learning instructions and materials from term 1 2020 can be found here

You can also access National Curriculum Development Centre home schooling materials here


Clarke Junior School provides the perfect location to inspire and nurture a life long journey of inquiry, discovery and learning.  Surrounded by green, nestled in the wetlands of Bukasa against the shore of Lake Victoria, the campus provides a stunning backdrop to learning. Our buildings and site have been developed to provide a welcoming and secure environment.

We believe that inquiry, discovery and learning is inspired by the outdoors and that natural environment provides stimulation for reflection. We have designed our buildings and site to represent this learning philosophy. Our classrooms have a natural movement from outdoor to indoor learning; we have planned both quiet outdoor play and areas for run around sports.

We have designed our outdoor spaces to be far more than places where children let off steam, but also places to connect with each other, to discover new things, to stimulate natural inquiry and facilitate exciting learning. We see the playground as an environment where real science, natural maths, history and even music can be learned.

The Clarke Junior School ethos is about using local resources to global standards, designed by local architects supported by an international consultant. We have used European fire and accessibility standards. The design looks to maximise the use of natural ventilation and natural sunlight.

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