What is Learning?

 It’s not the events of our lives that shape us, but the meaning of those events  

Academic Learning

 At Clarke Junior School we deliver learning through the framework of the Ugandan curriculum, also drawing on other international curriculums and resources when relevant and when they can improve learning .

Personal Learning

 At Clarke Junior School we welcome students of all denominations. Religious studies will be taught in accordance with the Ugandan National Curriculum, where children have  

Primary Learning

    In the Primary School, we encourage learners to be adventurous in their learning, to ask questions, to make mistakes, to recognise and learn from   

Early Learning

We believe that learning in the early years should be a warm, nurturing, gentle and loving atmosphere that celebrates and respects childhood – a 

Local & Global Learning

 We believe preservation and love of a child’s cultural identity is fundamental to their success. We actively integrate strong cultural learning throughout the curriculum. We