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CJS Teachers professional learning Clarke Junior School, Kampala 18/09/2017 - All Day Back to School! Clarke Junior School, Kampala 19/09/2017 - All Day School Assembly   

School Day

 Our school day is very demanding in terms of rigorous learning. We aim for children to be learning 80% of the day. Teachers will receive

Healthy Meals

 We believe healthy eating is an important part of being at school. We value our meal time and try to make eating a pleasurable experience


We were sadly let down by the company that had agreed to provide transport. We are currently looking for other options, but encourage and are happy to facilitate collaborations between parents for car pooling - to ease their time and costs for getting children to school, and to help improve our environmental footprint. 


 Our school uniforms have been carefully chosen to support the type of learning we want and to promote a sense of community and pride. They