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"Healthy school lunches mean students are getting the nourishment they need to power their minds and bodies to learn" -- Anne Cooper

Healthy Meals

food1We believe healthy eating is an important part of being at school. We value our meal time and try to make eating a pleasurable experience and encourage children to make healthy choices.

We believe that parents should be able to order school meals with confidence and that children should be able to enjoy tasty and appealing food that’s good for them. We have worked with nutritionists to plan a healthy, balanced meal of local food. Every meal includes carbohydrates, vegetables, protein and fruit.

We have regular reviews of our school menu by the student council and staff.

Hydration is especially important for children as they have higher water requirements than adults. we encourage regular drinking throughout the day and every class has safe drinking water.

Sample Menu:



Sweet banana.
Porridge: either soya, yellow corn, millet, or rice porridge.
Cinnamon rolls.
Boiled eggs.


Brown rice, lentils, french beans, and fruit,
Sweet potato grounded but stew mixed with silver fish or vegetables, greens and fruit.
Posho, beans, cabbage and fruit.
Matoke mixed with minced beef, mixed vegetables and fruit.
Irish potatoes cooked in a variety of styles, with mushroom soup or beef stew.