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Clarke Junior School Scholarship Programme


CJS is proud to announce that applications are open for scholarships for children born in 2008 (9/10 years old) to enter our P5 Class and to complete their primary education with us.

 These are academic scholarships and we are looking for children with outstanding academic performance who also fit in with our school values and ethos. 

 Students who have performed exceptionally well in their P4 exams are asked to visit the school to apply, bringing their previous school report cards.

 Successful students will be invited in for an assessment day where they will take part in a number of tasks to test their academic ability and take part in a series of interviews. Successful applicants will be invited back for a second round of interviews before the final decision is made. In total 5 Scholarships will be awarded. 

 What will be included in the Scholarship?

 Full tuition fees (1,550,000/ per term) and registration fee covered (200,000) 

What will not be covered: 

School meals, uniforms, trips after school, and optional; after school clubs will not be covered.

Scholarship application form:

Name of child


Male      Female

Child's Date of Birth

Mother's name

Mother's occupation

Father's name

Father's occupation

Name of current school

Number of children in class

Previous year class ranking

Previous year exam percentage

Favourite subjects

Least favourite subjects

Why would you like to move your child to Clarke Junior School