With such a long break from school, followed by rapid growth in 2022, we have had to adapt and adjust as a school. We hope you always feel free to get in touch with management and teachers at CJS with any compliments, concerns or suggestions. We would also appreciate if you could complete this form to help us understand your perspectives on our strengths and areas to work on at CJS. We greatly value this feedback. Please fill out this brief form

For sports day at CJS, our goal is to ensure all children are active and having fun for as much of the time as they can - rather than most of the children watching a few children in each event. This required planning of activities, complicated rotation sheets and organisation of every child into fair teams. All the children need to know what teams they are in, all the staff need to understand the activities, and children need to transition smoothly from one activity to the next. 

This required a lot of planning, and a little stress as well! But as soon as that first whistle blows, and the children start their activities, all that stress melts away, and is replaced with delight and joy!

We hope our parents had as much fun as the staff and children! Lots of photos can be found here, should you wish to relive the 2 sports days!

The future has never been certain. People have imagined, and will always imagine, what the future will hold for them, and while occasionally there have been accurate predictions, these are the exception rather than the rule. We are not getting across town in flying cars, nor have our housekeepers been replaced by the robots predicted in the 1970’s. Perhaps a few individuals did, but we as a society did not appreciate the revolutionary, world changing impact of the internet at its inception, nor the tremendous influence of social media in the early days of ‘Myspace’ and the like.